Welcome to Improved Scripture Study

We offer free and paid LDS scripture study essentials, tools and helps. Guaranteed to improve your retention and depth of study! TRY IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Our Blog will keep you up to date on what the Sunday School and Priesthood or Relief Society lessons will cover, as well as some great teaching ideas for these lessons.  Almost all of us either teach or attend one of these classes, and our regular blog posts and short pod casts will keep you learning and preparing so that you can be enlightened in your class whether you’re a teacher or a student.

We believe that you don’t need to get someone else to tell you what the scriptures mean if you learn a few basic principles. Most of us have many copies of the scriptures including on our PDA’s and phones we need to seek our own understanding. We have a need to know what they say, and what they mean, and more importantly what we should do about it. Our tools are designed to help teach you how to get more out of your LDS scripture study. We believe that you will discover in the Holy Scriptures more meaning of depth by your self than if we were to try and teach you what we think it means. Our Scripture Study DVD teaches you only “how to” understand on your own.  If you apply what you learn in this DVD you’ll really see your study take off. Try it and see, no obligation, if it doesn’t work for you just send it back for a full refund! See our guarantee page for more details.

How to Study the Scriptures DVD
120 min engaging DVD
Shows you “how to” get more out of your study time
Perfect for all ages and levels of learning
Guaranteed to increase your retention or your money back

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